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 -Twilight|Chapter 14-

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Main » 2008 » October » 13 » Twilight in USA Weekend
Twilight in USA Weekend
7:41 PM
There is article in Usa weekend.
"(Nov. 21) As director Catherine Hardwicke explains, in this adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's best seller, vampires must be kept out of the sun. To ensure a suitably gloomy environment, the production filmed in the Olympic National Rain Forest, where the sun almost never shines -- except, as it happened, on the day a pivotal scene was being shot of the characters discussing vampire history and lore. "Everyone started trying to make it rain," Hardwicke says. "We had 200 extras doing a cloud dance, kids lying on the ground spelling the word 'clouds.' For four hours, it made no difference. Then it clouded up, and we got one shot. And then it poured rain. And then it began hailing pellets. And then it snowed!"
Click here if you want to see the article.
Thanks to for the heads up!
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